Raspberry Pi 3 Media Server, Part 1

So, my parents like having TV shows to watch.  A few years ago, we investigated cutting the cord, and I was asked to build a media server setup for the house.

The existing solution, honestly, kinda sucks.  Adding new shows to the RSS feeder is clunky as hell, to the point that I’m the only one who can do it; the media server is a pretty big machine, really, and sucks down about 6KWh per day.  But that’s not the worst part any more.

My parents are retiring soon, selling the house, and they’re going to travel the country in an RV.  There’s a kink now – the media server is kinda… big.  It’s honestly the biggest (and most power-hungry) machine in the RV, and it’s not exactly fault-tolerant.

My mom isn’t retiring until next year, which leaves me approximately a year to build this.  I’ve received the parts, and I’ve been working on it for some time now!

Part 2 is posted, read it here!

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