Automating sytem specs and inventory

I work for a company that refurbishes electronics.  We get plenty of servers in, and processing them can take a while, especially on the models that try to obfuscate their specs.

To solve this, I started making a boot drive that can handle all of it automatically – boot, specs, and printing, all in one.

From a previous project, I have a ZP450 printer that’s hooked up to a thin client running CUPS, and it prints on 4×6 labels.

I took a solid state drive and installed Antergos on it (any flavor will work, I just had an Antergos installer laying around for some reason), and installed only the base packages (which, admittedly, was still more than I wanted to have, so I did some paring down later).

Once it was installed, I wrote a simple script that gets server information to pass on to sales, and it then puts that information in a text file for me.  From a previous project, I’d learned to make my life easier by using serial numbers for the filename, so that was fairly straightforward now.  So now my biggest issue was how to print it remotely.

This was fairly easy, actually.  Using SSH keys, I can easily automate the login process, and by having the script run on boot and wait for network access to print, I can easily move the file using SCP (again, automated!) and tell the server to print it.

Overall, pretty simple 🙂

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