Building a new, super cheap transcoder using AWS Lambda and Layers

So remember that post I wrote a bit back about the Transcoder?  Yeah,  that’s old hat now.  I wrote a new one.  In an afternoon.  On a Sunday.

No joke, and it was super, super easy.

I’ve been experimenting with Golang a lot lately (and it is absolutely beautiful, I gotta point that out).  I started off yesterday reading about the newest option in AWS Lambda – layers.

For those who aren’t familiar, layers are a way to include necessary files in Lambda functions.  At its core, layers are uploaded as zip files, with the zip file essentially being mounted to /opt on the instance.  By including other binaries in the layer, you have a clean, simple way to put statically-linked (this part is important!) binaries into your Lambda instances.

In this case, I made a zip file containing a directory, “ffmpeg”, which contains a statically-linked build of ffmpeg.  Since the zip file gets mounted to /opt, this means I can call ffmpeg at /opt/ffmpeg/ffmpeg, and pass in its options like I normally would.

From there, it’s just a matter of building the glue to do all of this.  What started out as an experiment in Go is now chugging away in production.  Who knows what’s next for a cruddy afternoon?

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